Plastic Pens: How to Conquer Your Customers With This Strategy

You can be present in the lives of your customers in several ways: on social networks, sending email marketing, SMS or mailing. But nothing compares to pampering like plastic promotional pens. We write all the time, we carry pens everywhere, lend to friends, make collections, we even get jealous of some. Especially when they are special, like plastic pen, that stand out from the common ones and bring a certain status. So why not invest in this type of toast to win over your customers?


There are several times when you can use personalized pens to attract the attention of potential customers and retain those who are already closer to your company. Here’s how to take advantage of this strategy:

The plastic pens are perfect for those who want to conquer the customer.

First contact

The phrase is beat, but it is valid: the first impression is the one that stays. And if you do your part well in the first contact with your client by giving a pen of your company’s brand, you’ll be starting that relationship on the right foot. In addition to being amazed at the present, your potential client will, from this moment on, be carrying your company everywhere, remembering the brand and the negotiations that are being done.


Events are great to show off your company. Whether as a sponsor, participant, speaker, exhibitor, you can and should be present with a well-crafted marketing strategy, and one way to do that is handing out pens to the participants. You will be fostering your networking and still strengthening your company brand along with many other businesses and individuals, which can result in great deals.

Commemorative actions

Anniversary of company, winning a prize, the closing of a large contract, are reasons to commemorate. And you can take the time to create personalized plastic pens and grace your customers with this gift.