The Enpirion Project by L. Bossi

First and foremost, I’m an artist and my answers to a lot of these questions are not going to be your typical sort of responses because I’m coming from a […]

Louis Sapia

BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM & CONFIDENCE FOR SUCCESS DON’T SIT THE BENCH “Drawing from a lifetime of experiences, the author of Don’t Sit the Bench, Louis S. Sapia, Jr., shares a wealth […]

Building Communities of Hope by Anne Hays Egan

Reviewers have called Building Communities of Hope a “must read,” “compelling guidebook,” and a “remarkable collection of inspiring stories that showcase how ordinary people have made a positive impact in […]


Tell us about your books? There are two books I’d like to share with you. The first is Better Than Our Dogs. We all know what we expect from good […]